Snooty Tea Review: Adagio Teas, Round 1

whitesetWho: Adagio Teas.
What: Full-leaf single origins, teaware, and blends–you can go with one of their concoctions, create a custom “signature” blend, or choose from the thousands of options from other bud-dies and sip-lings. Themed blends range from Owl City-inspired to Game of Thrones and My Little Pony.
When: Since 1999. A fellow 90s kid!
Where: Teas are sourced from all over the world, including China, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, Egypt, and Thailand.
Why: Thanks to grin-worthy customer service–not to mention a sleek design–what started as “a teashop, with a little computer in the back to do a bit of internet business” has since grown into a household name in mainstream US tea abodes. It helps that the tea itself comes in a wide varie-tea, perfect for flavor-seeking newbies and straight-leaf devo-teas alike.
How: The main store is online, with three Apple-esque retail locations and select health food stores carrying the bottled (unsweetened!) beverages.

After stocking up on my usual Serbian staple–a 6 ounce bag of peppermint–this sample set greeted me from the bottom of the box. Hello there, fragrant chums! Let’s see how you taste.

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How To Create A Living Documen-tea-ry

instagramhashtagHow to Create a Living Documen-tea-ry
Steep 1.  Take a steep back, mix your metaphors, and realize that a full-fledged movie is just not in the cards right now.
Steep 2.  Delete the Kickstarter and shelve the plan for Twen-tea Six-tea-n.
(Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who donated. You will all be rightfully reimbursed.)
Steep 3.  Maintain the theme of the original documen-tea-ry, only now it may tea-develop with a more gradual, organic approach–pun intended–to become a sort of “living documentary.”

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Snooty Tea Review: JalamTeas, Round 4

zhanglangsetLet’s recap–or should we say, tea-cap?–from where we last left off with JalamTeas:

It’s easy to imagine the Zhi Ye as the jungle overlooking San Mai’s tropical beach. And as it so happens, it would be the same jungle that nourished our Meng Song as a tiger cub, impar-tea-ng its strength, pride and feroci-tea.

As we recall from the first review, JalamTeas is about telling, not selling, and this tea slides right in to our ongoing narra-tea-ve.

Now, we’ve got a whole different animal here: a Shou, a “cooked” or “fermen-tea-d” Pu-Erh, as opposed to the raw Shengs that have so far graced our cups.

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#Communitea Cup-date and How to Li-tea-rally Tag Your Town

How To Make Your Own #Communitea-bags

Promote #Communitea in your own communi-tea!

IMG_0838All you need is:
Mini stapler
Mini ziplock bags

Steep 1.  De-tag the teabags. If they already don’t have tags, great! If you have to do it manually, be careful of leaf-’splosions.

Steep 2.  Tea break.

Steep 3.  #Tag your tags. Get out that Sharpie and #Communitea it up on both sides. Add anything you like; let loose that creativi-tea!

IMG_0836Steep 4.  Tea break.

Steep 5.  Staple the #tag to the teabag. Make sure that the knot is securely behind the staple!

IMG_0837Steep 6.  Tea break.

Steep 7.  Tuck the #Communitea-bag into the ziplock baggie. Ain’t it adorable?

IMG_0839Steep 8.  Repeat as necessary for the rest of the teabags.

Steep 9.  Tea break.

Steep 10.  Keep them on hand, and as you go about your day, give one out to someone who likes tea. Let them know what it stands for.

Steep 11.  Repeat when you meet someone else who likes tea. When you run out of #Communitea-bags, have another cup of tea–and some gra-tea-tude from all of us behind #Communitea.

Now, before we sign off for the day, a video thank you to all our donors to the Kickstarter campaign so far!



Ippodo April Tea-vents

Ci-tea-zens of New York, you’re in luck!

Recalling our two incredible sip-’speriences from Ippodo Tea, this month you can sip-’sperience them for yourself at a series of tea-vents all throughout April.

From their website:

This April, the legendary Japan-based Ippodo Tea Company is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its New York store – the company’s first and only international location to date – with a series of tea workshops as well as lunches and dinners. 

The tea workshops are:

1. Friday April 11th: 3:15pm to 4:30pm (English)

2.  Saturday April 12th: 3:15pm to 4:30pm (English) fully booked

3. Sunday April 13th: 11:00am to 12:15pm (Japanese)

And the lunches/dinners (held in Kokage downstairs from Kajitsu, with tea pairings) are: 

Lunch event:

Saturday April 12th: 12:15pm to 2:15pm

Dinner event:

1) Friday April 11th: 6:30pm to 9:00pm

2) Saturday April 12th: 6:30pm to 9:00pm

If you’re in town, you can’t miss out on this opportuni-tea.



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It’s Monday.


Time to wipe the last of Sunday’s holy hangover from your eyeballs, and fill ‘em instead with the Snooty Tea Blog’s top inspirational posts.

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