Snooty Tea Review: Big Island Tea

aasetRemember Big Island Tea from the World Tea Expo recap? (Or, y’know, tea-cap. Can’t be slacking with the puns.)

Established in 2001, the company, composed of a husband-and-wife team and their assistants, is a grade A example of fair trade and sustainabili-tea. The product isn’t for the faint of wallet, as the money goes straight towards the farm and paying the workers better wages than you can get on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.

At the moment they are producing two teas: the A’a Black Tea and the Kilinoe Green. I had the pleasure of sip-’speriencing the green at the World Tea Expo, and now we get to take the black for a mainland spin. Continue reading

Snooty Tea Review: JalamTeas, Round 5

menghunphotoCan you believe we’re already on Round 5 of JalamTeas? It’s a perpetual Pu-Erh parade and it’s hard not to love every minute of it.

But previous biases aside, we’re here for the sip-’sperience. JalamTeas has treated us to four wildly en-tea-rtaining narra-tea-ves thus far, so let’s see what comes out of the cup this time.  Continue reading

Free Tea?!

Dilemma: you have a pound of super-special-awesome tea, but no time to drink it. So it gets reserved for special occasions, which get fewer and further between until one day you open the bag and it’s as dry and stale as the outdated Yugioh Abridged reference we started with.

We are fixing this. Stat. Continue reading

Snooty Tea Review: Yezi Tea, Round 3

yt_set2After the first happy sip-’sperience with Yezi Tea, I’ve been looking forward to the review of their spring selection.

We’ve got a black, Oolong, and white for the tas-tea-ng, which come recommended with no milk or sugar, so all notes are hot and straight. (Unlike last Sunday’s Pride parade, which was only one of the above.) Continue reading

To Infini-tea–and Beyond!

And that’s the game plan.

1) Book.

2) Tea service.

Nothing less than legend-

(Wait for it!)


But remember when Luke had to go off and spend half a movie training with Yoda to become a full Jedi?

That’s right now. Training montage time.

To do this proper jus-tea-ce, I’ll be perfecting tea skills, sip-’sperimenting, and reading up on everything you can throw in a cup. As a result, posts on here will be fewer and further between than before, when it was wham-bam-five-days-a-week-thank-you-ma’am.

But the real thank you is to everyone who’s watched and subscribed over this crazy past year.

Bud-dies and sip-lings, you are all amazing and have my endless gra-tea-tude.


Snooty Tea Review: TeaVivre, Round 4

tvset4It’s a new record! This is the fourth round of TeaVivre, totaling 19 teas reviewed on the Snooty Tea Blog from their exceedingly generous sample sets. Gotta say, they are an in-tea-spensible source for the budding blogger.

Once again, the TeaVivre gaiwan is reuni-tea-d with its leafy compadres. Normally I split up reviews by type, but this is a whole set of spring harvest Chinese greens, so let’s do ‘em all. Continue reading

World Tea Expo 2014: “Apres moi, le tea-luge.”

“Apres moi, le déluge.”
After me comes the flood.

The first thing they tell you in the press lounge–and oh yes, it is a lounge–is that this event is strictly B to B. (Mad Men jargon = Serious Business.) So no Tweeting dirt on the brands, no Instagramming products without permission, no selfies, ece-tea-ra. It’s basic convention e-tea-quette, only this time you could get sued for ignoring it. Continue reading

Snooty Tea Review: Palais des Thés, Round 3


Three is the magic number.

After Purely Indulging in the Palais des Thés Spring Collection, it’s high tea-time to bring some at-tea-ntion to the brand’s new look.

Gone are the Orientalist tins and daydreams of the exo-tea-c. Palais des Thés is gotten into the spirit of “less is more,” incorpora-tea-ng the Asian aesthe-tea-c of their old design with a new tin that’s as refreshingly simple as their Lavender Oolong.

And speaking of Oolongs! Can’t help but recall their Milky Oolong from this summer, when the manager, Emory, treated the SoHo store to the buttery good stuff. (Despite the name, dairy-free.) On this visit, he pulled out his new favorite:  Continue reading

Snooty Tea Review: Damn Fine Tea


“We’re firm believers that there’s no wrong way to enjoy tea. There are no rules. However, since it’s a hot beverage try to avoid spilling it on yourself or your loved ones.”

Damn Fine Tea has been serving up no-rules tea since the creation of their online store in 2008. Each run comes in small batches–really small. As in, only 250 tins of the limited edition Year of the Horse Yunnan Gold Tips.

I met Charles and Erik at the NYC Coffee and Tea Fest, where they sent me back to tea-school with a blind taste test. (Snooty Tea People can still make mis-tea-kes.) Afterwards, Erik was kind enough to send me off with a full(!) canis-tea-r of -Red-Tailed Hawk to review.

Now, this tea could very well be a Hawkeye: sureshot, dry wit, and straight to the point. Or, on the DC side, it could prove a brazen Hawkgirl, smashing out of the cup with her spiked mace.

So what’s it gonna be–Tea-venger or Jus-tea-ce League? Continue reading