We Want Your Pho-tea-graphs

From tumblr.com.

See this? The result of scavenging through tumblr. Proof that the Snooty Tea Blog is lacking in the pretty picture department.

That’s where you come in, my delectable ar-tea-sts.

Submit your tea pictures (in a not-crazy format like .jpg, .gif, or .pdf) to snooteaperson [at] gmail.com. All the better if they fit the theme of a pre-existing post or article, in which case they’ll go right up on the blog, to be gazed at by all with love and wonder. If your work doesn’t fit a current piece, it’ll find a home in future posts.

We’re looking for original photos–don’t pull something off Instagram and pretend it’s your own.

How does that sound? You get featured on an up-and-coming corner of the Internet, and the Snooty Tea Blog gets your lovely art prettifying its drab pages.


PS: Please be sure to watermark every image. Photographers, this is to your benefit; you’re getting credit for your work as well as the plug for your business.

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