Snooty Tea Review: Yezi Tea Round 1

yt_set1It’s easy to be sa-tea-sfied with the basics. But while Yezi Teas is offering a sample selection of their Master Grade teas, that’s like… a free pony.

Imagine growing up being too tall for ponies.

Then suddenly, free pony.

Who could resist?

yt_wpmgbmdDry, the White Peony Master Grade Bai Mu Dan gives us sweet trees right off the bat. Maybe it’s the Christmas season getting to us (whatever happened to Thanksgiving?), but you can almost detect a hint of pine.

And then you steep it.

This tea explodes out of the cup. The fragrance is incredible as soon as the hot water hits, suffusing the air with flowers tightly enclosed within their pre-spring buds. Wow. From the eggshell-pale liquor, you get a sense of hopeful new-ness, plants itching to burst out of their rough winter skin, but not quite ready yet–they’re still vulnerable and green under there. Let them be.

Master Grade reminds us of the true meaning of “sip-‘sperience.”

You can’t chug this.





No milk. No sweetener. Just you and the cup.

yt_dwmgljHello, Dragon Well Master Grade Long Jing. Unlike the white, this green tea has a subtle aroma out of the bag. There’s something cool and clean about it, that would almost fool you into believing it’s as light as a Sencha or Gyokuro. Is that a promise a sweetness? Say it ain’t so! Dragonwell may be one of the most common types of green tea, but already there is nothing common about this fella. In the cup, we get that promised sweetness indeed, a freshwater dragon who brings on the rain.

It comes out even paler than the White Peony, surprisingly; the liquor we’ve got here is a shade you’d sooner find while hunting pearls–or marathoning Say Yes To The Dress. But hoo boy, this flavor. Your cup holds a serpentine friend that will treat you better than any green has treated you before. If, having been burned by bitter, grassy Encounters of the Green Kind, you now suffer from tea-scrimination against greens, then your suffering is at an end. This tea will soothe away every single one of those trauma-tea-c memories.

Again. Master Grade. Master for a reason. Green haters will fall in love with a new sip-‘sperience. Apply caution when serving this to green lovers–overwhelmed by ex-tea-sy, they might drown in the dragon’s most enchanting well.

Don’t you dare reach for the milk or sugar. This tea. As is. Or else.

(You wouldn’t want to wake the dragon now, would you?)

But that’s not all Yezi sent in their sample set. Here’s the full load:

yt_setWe’ve tasted the white and the green, so next up, we’re seeing red.



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  1. I might have developed an addiction to Yezi’s Oolongs, though I have some reds and some Silver Needle to taste as well…the Silver Needle might have just popped to the top of my list to try today :P

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